District Finders

GreenInfo's District Finders are interactive map applications that enable users to find and view the district of their legislative representative, or determine the area of focus for an organization (perfect for associations or councils of organizations).

Example of Legislative District finder »
Example of Association District Finder » 

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District Finder applications support two basic approaches: 

1. Legislative districts - users can learn who represents them by typing their address. Base maps for this can be styled to be detailed simplified.

2. Association districts
- users choose an organization and see its geographic area of focus on a simplified map or to choose a geography (e.g., a county) and see what organizations operate within it. Links can then allow the user to visit a descriptive page or go directly to an organization's web site (see example below).

The basic version of this application uses standard geography (counties, cities, zip codes, etc.).  If you have existing GIS or equivalent files of custom areas, these can be included as well - any custom areas that need to be digitized will require additional work.  

To have us create a district finder of any sort, the main data requirement is a spreadsheet containing needed information about each legislative district or organization - name, area of operation (counties, zips, etc.), and the link to further information.  Notes on each group shown can also be included.  We can advise you on how to submit data in a ready-to-use format.

GreenInfo can also prepare reports by legislative district or by any other defined area - here's an example of that approach >>  

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