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When you have complex data for a particular region that you want your users to engage with in detail, GreenInfo's Explorer applications are the perfect tool. It's highly customizable, to meet most any need.

Explorers are web mapping and data applications that allow the display of maps, charts and tables in response to geographic areas that users choose to evaluate. They can be used for assessing the biodiversity value of natural habitat, the land use pattern of a metropolitan region or the demographics of a state.

A variation of the Explorer application is a scenario-based version, where users can compare one future against another or in relation to the present. 

A simpler version of the Explorer application is also available - learn more about GreenInfo's Community FactFinder application »

Explorer Example for Portland, Oregon region »  (land use/biodiversity)
Explorer Example for the San Francisco Bay region »  (biodiversity, climate change)

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Explorer applications are developed with multiple geographic data sets and robust user functions in a customized map interface, including:
  • Custom map layer visualizations (style, colors, etc.)
  • Location search (address, place, zoom to, etc.)
  • Choice of layers to display and evaluate, including information about the data and slider controls for transparency
  • Selection of area data analysis (city, region, district)
  • Charting and graphing on data for areas selected, instantly in response to user area choices
  • Annotation tools (point, line, polygon) that allow users to markup any particular view
  • Downloadable PDF report of analysis (see example below)
  • Links for social media and other sharing
  • Export of (selected) data layers to GIS and related formats
Explorer applications typically require significant effort to ensure that data is properly organized and formatted, and to develop, test and validate geospatial and other analyses of data used in the applications.

Example of a full Explorer data report (PDF document, from Bay Area Conservation Lands Network project):

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