GreenInfo LABS:  Research on Ownership Patterns

Half of California’s 100 million acres is owned by federal, state and local public agencies, and land within city boundaries accounts for another ten percent. The remainder is the private, rural landscape of the state – 40 million acres of forests, plains, foothills, valleys and deserts. These are California’s last landscapes, and they face an uncertain future.

With independent foundation funding, GreenInfo Network staff assembled a GIS database of over three million rural ownership parcels totaling 40 million acres and used these to develop a profile of the state of landscape fragmentation in California

In addition to maps and related tabular data, we built an entire web site to allow easy access to this information.  This site includes background information on the nature of parcelization and the types of impacts it can have on various interests (police/fire, public health, land use planning, biodiversity, rural community, etc.).   In addition, the site provides access to zoomable detailed maps of each county's fragmentation pattern, as well as a sortable table of numbers of parcels in various size ranges.

GreenInfo remains involved in tracking the issue of parcel fragmentation and the many effects it has on the state's landscape, its people and its economy.  We are also knowledgeable about the analytical issues and options for using parcel data for such assessments.

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