GreenInfo LABS:  Park Index

Want to know whether your neighborhood (or house) is in an area with lots of parks or not?   GreenInfo's ParkIndex products are just the answer you've been looking for.

ParkIndex - Policy Edition:   this tool assesses areas for park richness, mainly focusing on census tracts or block groups. Each tract or block group is rated as to the extent to which it is close to parks. This allows an entire city, region, or state to be quickly mapped and analyzed to more effectively assess  park needs (assuming good park data is available).  ParkIndex-Policy Edition is ideal for those in advocacy groups or public agencies seeking to quickly prepare an assessment of where parks might be needed.  Contact GreenInfo to discuss how ParkIndex - Policy Edition can help your community better plan for parks »

For those areas without complete parks GIS data, GreenInfo also has extensive capacity to develop inventories of parks (and of recreation facilities) - learn more about this work »

ParkIndex - Property Edition:  This tool generates property-specific park richness rankings, using parcel data.  Using GreenInfo's proprietary algorithm, the index accounts for the existence of parks, the nature of an area (urban to rural) and travel time to parks.  ParkIndex - Property Edition is ideal for real estate services or other ventures that wish to inform their users about the availability of parks in relation to a specific property, or for a neighborhood or community as a whole.   Contact GreenInfo to discuss how ParkIndex - Property Edition can help your web service improve its offerings »

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