Recreation Facilities GIS Data

Playgrounds, ball fields, tennis courts and other such facilities are crucial data for applications that help users find such recreational opportunities, or guide analyses of the need for such facilities.  GreenInfo has experience in creating general GIS-based inventories of such facilities and can help you quickly develop such data. 

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Knowing the location of playgrounds, ball fields, tennis and other ball courts, swim centers and more is invaluable for recreation planning and programming.  GreenInfo has developed a simple way to create inventories of these over large areas.  While more complex data models can be used, we have extensive experience in using a simple web mapping tool that allows a form of crowdsourcing for creating point data for recreation facilities. 

The illustration below (and above) shows our MapCollaborator application, which was adapted for an inventory of 13,000 recreation facilities in California cities.  GreenInfo staff worked with university interns to quickly identify facility locations and play points and attributes for each of them. 

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