Zoom Tools

GreenInfo can help you show off any high resolution map, graphic, photo, or other image using zooming tools. This is a particularly useful approach if we've already developed a detailed GIS map for you, for printing  - it extends the usefulness of the main work effort. These zoomable images can be easily embedded into your web site pages.

To see how it works, mouse over the main map below and zoom in/out using your mouse of the navigation lower right. Click on the "Toggle full page" icon to fill the entire screen. Choose a different image to see variations.  The resolution of the zoomable image is the maximum of your document resolution - zoom all the way in on any of these examples to see the detail available.  Markers can be added over an image, but the image features themselves are not interactive (i.e., no popups if you click on the image) - choose "San Pablo Bay Access Map" to see a demonstration.

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