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Working at GreenInfo Network is fun and challenging, with constant new opportunities. You'll see our current recruiting status below - check back often, as this can change quickly. See below for volunteering information.

Positions Available NOW:

Interactive Project Manager

We are looking for an experienced project manager for interactive design and development on a broad range of map- and data-focused web projects.

GreenInfo Network is a 22-year old, Oakland-based nonprofit that works for 80-100 public interest groups annually, helping them with a wide range of interactive, analysis, and print cartography projects. We’re widely known for the quality of what we do and the positive relationships we maintain with our clients.

Our team is small and very experienced, about a dozen people, mostly based in Oakland’s Uptown neighborhood, but also with off-site staff in Oregon, Washington, and Vermont. You'll work with clients ranging from government agencies yo national nonprofits to small land trusts and advocacy groups. You'll run projects that last anywhere from a few weeks to more than a year. All our work is in the public interest, covering a huge variety of topics and locations.

You'll collaborate with clients like these:

  • California State Parks staff working to make tools that level the playing field for communities seeking public funds for local parks, so that communities that most need investments get them.
  • The Google Earth Outreach team and global nonprofits including the Jane Goodall Institute and Mission Blue.
  • The Learning Policy Institute mapping equity in school funding, teacher salaries, and more.
  • The International Accountability Center and, mapping global fossil fuels and international development banking.

As a project manager, you’ll shepherd key projects from initiation to final delivery. Here's what you'll do:

  • Establish understanding of project goals, key users, available data, and client capacity/need for support in their participation in a technical process.
  • Develop and use Scopes of Work to create plans of action.
  • Run the design and build process, including soliciting client feedback, using Github issues to log clear tasks for project team, reporting back to client on results.
  • For projects you are running, co-own vision with Interaction Designer or other project lead, serve as client advocate internally and scope/team advocate externally.
  • Keep projects on budget and schedule while maintaining high quality of work.

Our interactive team is almost entirely off-site (three people in Oregon and Vermont), so if you thrive in a remote team, that's best.

We bill the vast majority of projects based on time and materials (T&M) instead of fixed bid. This makes managing projects easier at one level, since clients share responsibility for staying in budget. But we’re able to maintain these relationships because we deliver tremendous value, work quickly, and maintain ongoing transparency with clients about scope, progress, and amount spent.

Other GreenInfo staff also run projects, so we will scale work to this position according to capacity. We anticipate this person working on 5-7 projects at a time. You will also take the lead on scoping new projects in collaboration with the Executive Director and other staff.

To facilitate rapid decision-making and scope management:

  • You are passionate about inclusive, user-centered design and iterative development.
  • You love helping clients discover the underlying need behind a feature request.
  • You'll have a solid understanding of capabilities/levels of effort involved in implementing common interactive features using standard web and open source geospatial technologies.
  • You love using GitHub issue tracking.
  • And you think fondly of Google Sheets and the rest of the Google Apps suite.

We’re a small shop, so we're looking for you to bring a combination of project management and production skills. Perhaps you excel at concept development, copywriting, and wireframing. Or you're really good at initial data vetting and validation. Or maybe you bring experience with QA and testing.

Don't have all these skills but do have real passion for using technology for the greater good? Get in touch! We assume no one can bring all those skills to the table, but if you bring the right combination, so that on smaller projects especially they are able to directly contribute to completion and delivery.

  • This is a full-time staff position with benefits

At GreenInfo, we are at a unique intersection of tech and nonprofit advocacy, with a large part of our history in support of land conservation. These two professional worlds have histories of exclusion. We aim to be conscious of that history and change our hiring practices, organizational culture, and project approaches to be ever more inclusive.

GreenInfo is an equal opportunity employer. We encourage women, people of color, and LGBTQ people to apply.

Send cover letter, resume, and links to live web projects you've led to 

Volunteer Opportunities:

GreenInfo is able to accept only occasional volunteers - due to the nature of our work and the training required, volunteers must be able to commit to significant periods of time (in general, at least a day a week for two months or more is needed). Volunteers should have strong computer skills (GIS, database, web programming using open source tools), or other special background.

Contact us about volunteering at GreenInfo (enclose resume and links to sites, if any). Thanks for your interest!

GreenInfo Network creates, analyzes, visualizes and communicates information in the public interest. We specialize in mapping and related technology for nonprofits and public agencies, focusing on using it for conservation, social equity, public health, environment and foundation grant making.
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