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Working at GreenInfo Network is fun and challenging, with constant new opportunities. You'll see our current recruiting status below - check back often, as this can change quickly. See below for volunteering information.

Positions Available NOW:

Geospatial Analyst

GreenInfo Network is an Oakland-based nonprofit that helps public interest groups with a wide range of interactive, analysis, and print cartography projects. We’re widely known for the quality of what we do and our positive relationships with our clients.

We are hiring a new Geospatial Analyst to join our GIS team, which represents about half of our staff. The work we do is collaborative, challenging, and always committed to the public good. GreenInfo's clients are passionate about fair elections, equity in park access, public health, land conservation, and more.

As a team member in our small organization, we’ll want you to fill some of the following roles:

  • Data collection and development
  • Complex geospatial analysis
  • Workflow automation through scripting
  • Cartography
  • General design
  • Marketing, social media, conference presentations

Qualities we’re looking for:

  • Strong communication skills, both with colleagues and clients
  • Interest in getting the details right, with help and support from others
  • A sharp eye for data integrity and validation, visual communication, and cartography
  • Ability to thrive as part of a team, standing up for your ideas but listening with respect and an open mind to your colleagues
  • Previous experience in consulting or customer service is a plus but not required

Technical skills we're interested in:

  • We expect that someone with 2+ years of professional experience in the GIS field would be the best fit
  • Proficiency in ArcMap and/or ArcGIS Pro, particularly in data editing and analysis
  • Comfort in either Excel or Google Sheets (pivot tables, vlookups, sure - but also validating or solving problems)
  • Experience with QGIS, Python, Postgres/Postgis, or other relevant open source tools is a plus

At GreenInfo, we work in the unique intersection of technology and nonprofit advocacy, with a large part of our history in support of land conservation. To serve the public good while pushing the edge of new tech is extremely rewarding. While we celebrate our 20+ years helping nonprofits in this sphere, we also recognize that both the tech industry and the conservation movement have histories of exclusion. We are conscious of that history, and are focused on improving our hiring practices, organizational culture, and project approaches to be ever more inclusive. GreenInfo Network is an equal opportunity employer. Women, people of color, and members of the LGBTQ+ community are encouraged to apply to this position. 

This is a full-time staff position with benefits. We are not able to accept remote applicants at this time. Pay is nonprofit competitive, commensurate with experience.

Please send cover letter and resume to Applications due May 31st, 2019.

Volunteer Opportunities:

GreenInfo is able to accept only occasional volunteers - due to the nature of our work and the training required, volunteers must be able to commit to significant periods of time (in general, at least a day a week for two months or more is needed). Volunteers should have strong computer skills (GIS, database, web programming using open source tools), or other special background.

Contact us about volunteering at GreenInfo (enclose resume and links to sites, if any). Thanks for your interest!

GreenInfo Network creates, analyzes, visualizes and communicates information in the public interest. We specialize in mapping and related technology for nonprofits and public agencies, focusing on using it for conservation, social equity, public health, environment and foundation grant making.
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