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Working at GreenInfo Network is fun and challenging, with constant new opportunities. You'll see our current recruiting status below - check back often, as this can change quickly. See below for volunteering information.

Positions Available NOW:

GreenInfo Associate Director

July 2021

Apply by August 15

GreenInfo Network is an Oakland-based nonprofit that creates, analyzes, visualizes, and communicates information in the public interest. We specialize in geospatial data analysis, cartographic design, and related information technologies and work as a consultant to the many groups and agencies who engage us. We help public interest groups with a wide range of interactive, data, and cartographic projects. We’re widely known for the quality of what we do and our positive relationships with our clients.

We are hiring a new Associate Director to help lead our organization. The work we do is collaborative, innovative, and always committed to the public good. GreenInfo's clients are passionate about fair elections, equity in park access, public health, and land conservation, to name a few. (Where's our current Associate Director headed? Find out on our blog.)

Internally, as Associate Director, you will supervise about half our staff, manage large projects, manage workload, project assignment, and staff development pathways. You’ll also step in on important projects that need high-level strategic adjustment. You’ll be integral to strategic and budgeting decisions along with the Executive Director and the Board of Directors.

Externally, as Associate Director, you will serve as a public face of GIS at GreenInfo and “GIS for good” more broadly, seeking speaking engagements, advisory opportunities, and other avenues to advancing GreenInfo’s mission and public profile. You’ll pursue new projects, with a special emphasis on desktop GIS, cartography, and data work, developing relationships with clients, leading RFP responses on many projects, and developing scopes of work.

Qualities we’re looking for:

  • Demonstrated approach of pragmatic problem solving, regardless of the tools at hand
  • Considerate, compassionate manager and leader who helps staff build their skills
  • Ability to thrive as part of a team, standing up for your ideas but listening with respect and an open mind to your colleagues
  • Commitment to public good work and to equity inside the organization and in our work with clients
  • Experience managing others. Even better if that’s in a technical or design-related field
  • Previous experience in consulting is a plus but not required

Specific skills we're interested in:

  • A humble and open approach to leadership — ready to ask questions, gather input from a talented team, and suggest solutions
  • Strong written and verbal communication, especially for proposal writing and client-facing meetings and public presentations, with the ability and desire to communicate complex topics in simple and approachable ways
  • Expertise in geospatial, data, and/or visualization
  • Demonstrated skills in managing staff in the context of multiple priorities, budgets, and deadlines.
  • Comfort with cloud-based collaboration tools
  • Experience with programming languages and database technologies is a plus

Are you missing a few of the technical skills listed, but excited about leading a team doing work for the greater good? We still want to hear from you. These skills fit the nature of our project work quite closely, but vision, management, and mentorship are the heart of this role.

At GreenInfo, we work at the unique intersection of technology and nonprofit advocacy, with a large part of our history in support of land conservation. To serve the public good while pushing the edge of new tech is extremely rewarding, and our work in conservation has evolved and expanded into a range of spheres, including park equity and public health mapping. While we celebrate 25 years helping nonprofits in this sphere, we also recognize that both the tech industry and the conservation movement have histories of exclusion. We are conscious of that history, and are focused on improving our hiring practices, organizational culture, and project approaches to be ever more inclusive. GreenInfo Network is an equal opportunity employer. Women, people of color, and members of the LGBTQ+ community are encouraged to apply for this position.

We believe we all bring our whole selves to work, and we strive to foster a culture where we take care of ourselves, each other, and our clients. Based on 25 years of being a small, financially stable nonprofit where staff often stay for a long time, we value flexibility and accommodating the needs of our staff and their families. Our team of 14 is located in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Oregon, Seattle, and Vermont.

This is a full-time, exempt staff position with benefits. Pay is $90–97K, commensurate with experience. We also offer annual supplemental salary to all staff based on overall organizational performance. This has been in the range of 5% to 7% annually over the past decade.

Work location: Our team is a hybrid of fully remote and on-site staff located in the SF Bay Area. We plan to continue with a hybrid approach, but we prefer candidates based within commute distance of our Oakland office.

Apply by August 15. Please send a cover letter and resume to with “Associate Director” in the subject line. We will be reviewing applications for several weeks and then be in touch with interview candidates in mid-August. Target start date is early October.

Specific Duties

The role breaks down about one-third managing the organization, one-third marketing for new projects, and one-third working on projects with clients and team members.

Organization Leadership
  • Plan forward-looking strategy for GreenInfo’s use of geospatial technology
  • Facilitate staff development and learning new skills
    • Conferences
    • Off-site and online training
    • Opportunities within projects for learning
  • Stay current on industry best practices, translate to GreenInfo context as applicable
Project/Production Work
  • Project Manager on defined projects, with an emphasis on direct client interaction and high-level project communications on larger, high-stakes projects
  • Provide direction and consultation on specific technical challenges within projects
Marketing and Outreach
  • Bring in new projects by responding to RFPs and in-bound requests, reaching out to existing or new contacts, and networking among potential clients
  • Managing our GSA and CMAS contracts in collaboration with the Finance Manager and Executive Director
  • Explore new markets for our services
Personnel and Administration
  • Directly manage 5-7 person team of geospatial analysts and cartographers
  • Lead annual reviews for staff with support of the Executive Director
  • Manage staff development programs, including twice annual retreats and tracking of staff involvement in professional conferences
  • Ensure smooth process of staff onboarding, transitions, transfer and documentation of institutional knowledge
  • Manage staff leadership of Internship program
  • Ongoing monitoring of budget with Executive Director
  • Work with Office Manager and Executive Director in managing day to day operations.
Experience and Qualifications
The Associate Director is an experienced manager with demonstrated experience managing the work of others and advanced understanding of applying geospatial analysis and cartography, and experience in client services or customer service.
  • Demonstrated skills in managing staff in the context of competing priorities, budgets, and deadlines.
  • Successful mentorship of other staff and development of strong team dynamics.
  • Effective written and verbal communication internally and externally, especially to clients.
  • Demonstrated record of successful delivery of complex technical and/or creative project work, preferably in a client-services context.
Technical skills
  • Demonstrated approach of pragmatic problem solving, regardless of the tools at hand.
  • Data
    • Expertise in data editing and analysis
    • Familiarity with Census and other demographic data
    • Comfort and familiarity with best practices for geospatial data management
  • Software
    • Expertise in ArcGIS Pro, ArcMap, QGIS, or other geospatial tools
    • Expertise in either Excel or Google Sheets
    • Experience with Python, Postgres/Postgis, or other relevant open source tools is a plus
    • Comfort with remote collaboration tools like Slack, Google Apps Suite, Github Issues, and Asana
Diversity, Equity, Public Interest Commitment
  • Demonstrated interest in public-good work, preferably with a focus on social equity
  • Commitment to ensuring the work we do, and how we do it, is ever more inclusive

Volunteer Opportunities:

GreenInfo is able to accept only occasional volunteers - due to the nature of our work and the training required, volunteers must be able to commit to significant periods of time (in general, at least a day a week for two months or more is needed). Volunteers should have strong computer skills (GIS, database, web programming using open source tools), or other special background.

Contact us about volunteering at GreenInfo (enclose resume and links to sites, if any). Thanks for your interest!

GreenInfo Network creates, analyzes, visualizes and communicates information in the public interest. We specialize in mapping and related technology for nonprofits and public agencies, focusing on using it for conservation, social equity, public health, environment and foundation grant making.
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