Adapting to Rising Tides Website

Client:   Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC)

Sometimes our projects don't involve making maps. In this case, our longtime partners at BCDC came to us with a communications challenge: To help revamp their Adapting to Rising Tides website, a landing place for finding deep resources, planning guides, and tools for dealing with the challenges of climate change.

We began this project with BCDC at at the basic planning stages, with whiteboarding and meetings to define the best way to create a user-friendly backend and content management system, as well as an attractive and easy-to-navigate front end.  Once we all settled on our approach, we brought in Annabelle Ison to design a graphic template and a handful of sample pages for the site.  Annabelle had previously worked with BCDC on their print products for the Adapting to Rising Tides toolbox, so she was quickly able to translate elements from print design to web design, so BCDC could keep a consistent look across media.

Once we finalized the templates, we built out the site to their specifications.  Custom templates easily allow BCDC staff to pull in graphic elements with Wordpress shortcodes, making the process of adding content to the site consistent and simple.  It's great to see this wonderful resource live and available to the public for helping communities confront and adapt to rising tides.

Focus:   Economic Development, Environment, Government Agencies, Social Justice/Equity  

Services:  Interactive Solutions, GIS Services, Cartography, Website Design 

Tags:   Bay Area, California, climate change, Ocean, sea level rise, Wordpress  

Project Years: 2014-2015

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