Birding Map of Point Reyes

Birding Festival Map
A simple map can help a major event.
Client:   The Point Reyes Birding Festival Map

The annual birding festival around Point Reyes California attracts a large crowd. The sponsors needed a quick map to help guide participants to locations and asked GreenInfo for help.

GreenInfo created a base map in GIS that matched the look and feel of the Point Reyes Birding Festival logo.  Working closely with the client, we geo-located and highlighted meeting points for the Nature Walk events.  All told, a five hour project.

Results: For a few hours of GreenInfo work, the Birding Festival got a clear map to orient its users.

Focus:   Environment  

Services:  GIS Services, Maps 

Tags:   Birds, California, Esri ArcGIS  

“ The map you created was gorgeous. It looks brilliant on our festival website and we used it as a handout that was extremely popular. ”

—  Amaroq Weiss, 2011 Point Reyes Birding & Nature Festival Coordinator

Project Years: 2011, 2012

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