Climate Change in Los Angeles Presentation

Example Slides for UCLA Climate Change Presentation
Approximately one third of the slides developed by GreenInfo for a PowerPoint presentation on climate change modeling and results in the Los Angeles region.
Client:   UCLA Climate Lounge

Making global models of climate change relevant to particular metropolitan regions is challenging and very important work, as efforts grow to adapt to and head off the negative effects of climate shifts. UCLA Professor Alex Hall's Climate Lounge research group has pioneered innovative approaches to this "downscaling" and turned to GreenInfo to develop a powerful presentation of their results.

GreenInfo staff worked closely with Professor Hall and his researchers, defining objectives and audiences for his 45 minute presentation, an Oppenheim Lecture, an event presented by the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability. Using these starting points, we built a preliminary "budget" deck of slides, identifying key points and timing but without detailed content or formatting.  Once this was refined by the research team, we created a graphic look and feel for the presentation which was addressing highly technical information on models and results concerning changes in temperature, snow, fire and other factors.

The presentation then moved through a series of 10 drafts, ultimately ending up with over 40 slides. As part of this work, GreenInfo GIS staff developed maps that extracted research data and placed it in more visual geographic frames focused on the Los Angeles region.  We also prepared a number of specialized animated graphics and other features. 

Our general approach was to create a clean and open look, to help the audience grasp the concepts that Professor Hall was speaking to in much more detail, and to keep a sense of where he was in the presentation at any point in time. 

Results: The PowerPoint presentation was used in a major lecture in May 2013 and is available for public viewing online.

Focus:   Environment  

Services:  GIS Services, Communications, Presentations, Maps 

Tags:   California, climate change, Esri ArcGIS, Los Angeles, PowerPoint  

“ Thank you for all your work on the presentation -- the talk went extremely well and the presentation looked great. Thanks for your help in making great visuals and your guidance in urging us to keep things simple. We're very pleased with the outcome. ”

—  Katherine Reich, UCLA Climate Lounge Researcher

Project Years: 2013

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