Mapping a Reproductive Rights Network

Network Map - relationships
The Network Map visualizes relationships between individuals in the reproductive health/rights/justice movement.
Client:   CoreAlign

CoreAlign builds a network of leaders working innovatively to change policies, culture and conditions that support all people’s sexual and reproductive decisions. The CoreAlign Network website mapper included a discussion group, and a map of network partners and their interconnections.

CoreAlign manages their network of members and partners using SalesForce, and they wanted a set of applications which integrate with their existing workflow at SalesForce. GreenInfo Network delivered on this, producing the CoreAlign Network website.

The Network Map showed the locations of members, dynamically loaded from SalesForce via the SOAP API. Particularly interesting, is that the relationships between members was displayed as well, as a set of point-to-point connections, giving a dramatic view of the "network" nature of the CoreAlign Network.

The CrowdGenerator was a discussion forum component, by which members could post topics, upvote a topic as being relevant and interesting, and suggest and upvote locations for further discussion and action. This was custom-designed, rather than using off-the-shelf discussion forum software, so it could integrate with the SalesForce components and the customized user profiles, and could provide custom functionality and layout not readily available in existing software.

User accounts on the website were set up in either of two ways: by being a listed Network Member in SalesForce, or by signing up as a "crowdsource" account via the website. Crowdsource members were strictly limited, but could view and upvote topics, while Network Partner members could post new topics. Member privacy was paramount, and member information was only visible to Network Partner members.

In 2017, CoreAlign wrapped up use of the site, as technology shifts changed their approach. 

Results: While it was running several hundred Network Partner members used the system daily, to facilitate discussions and to open communication with other members with similar interests.

Focus:   Human Services, Public Health, Social Justice/Equity  

Services:  Interactive Solutions, Applications Development, Web Mapping, Website Design 

Tags:   OpenLayers, reproductive health, sexuality  

“ The site launch was great! Thank you for all your help in pulling it together and making it happen. It is a rock star product and a rock star execution. ”

—  Sujatha Jesudason, PhD , Executive Director

Project Years: 2012-2017

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