Endangerbus Map Tracker in Action!
The map tracker application takes real time bus data for the Endanger buses and plots it on a web map.
Client:   Bay Nature

The EndangerBus project was a collaboration between local artist Todd Gilens, Bay Nature Magazine, SF Muni, GreenInfo Network, and the bus-spotting SF public. Four Muni buses were wrapped in beautiful illustrations of local endangered species and sent out across the city in different routes each day. GreenInfo mapped their locations in real time.

This project was our first opportunity to show auto-updated tracking from a live web feed--a technology we got to incorporate rapidly because the beautifully adorned buses were soon to hit the streets! The map checks the NextBus feed every fifteen seconds and updates the location of each EndangerBus.  Bay Nature magazine hosted the map and prompted people to share their photos of the buses on Flickr and Twitter.

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Focus:   Conservation  

Services:  Interactive Solutions, Web Mapping 

Tags:   Google Maps API, real-time tracking  

Project Years: 2011-2012

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