Discover Ironwood Forest National Monument

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Client:   Friends of Ironwood Forest

Friends of Ironwood Forest is a local non-profit organization that works for the permanent protection of the biological, geological, archaeological, and historical resources and values for which the Ironwood Forest National Monument was established. The Friends provide critical volunteer labor to increase community awareness through education, public outreach, and advocacy. GreenInfo Network was excited to partner with Friends of Ironwood Forest to help increase public awareness about Ironwood Forest via updating the Ironwood Forest National Monument map and overall informational brochure.

In the map update, we wanted to highlight the unique features of the Ironwood Forest National Monument. The style of the map and brochure were designed to work in tandem with the design of the Friends of Ironwood Forest website, and also evoke a sense of rugged desert landscape. 

The original map was created in ArcMap. We decided to convert the map from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro to utilize the enhanced style options available in ArcGIS Pro. After completing the map, the informational brochure layout design was developed in Adobe InDesign. 

After production, Friends of Ironwood Forest made 500 print copies of the map available to the public. 

Focus:   Conservation, Education, Environment  

Services:  GIS Services, Communications, Graphic Design, Publications, Maps 

Project Years: 2020

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