Greening without Gentrification

Report cover
Client:   UCLA Institute on the Environment and Sustainability

Frequent collaborator Jon Christensen of UCLA needed quick help to design and produce a report of results of a survey he and a colleague had done on the intersection of park development and gentrification: What strategies are communities using to ensure that new park projects don't themselves become engines of displacement?

It turns out that a fair number of park development projects do in fact include measures to protect local residents. But many projects do not, and this publication is a timely initial portrait of the range of strategies park advocates are using to work with local communities to make sure existing residents stay in their homes and get the benefit of the new parks in their neighborhoods.

Focus:   Recreation, Social Justice/Equity  

Services:  Communications, Graphic Design, Publications 

Project Years: 2019

Documents: UCLA-Parks-Related-Anti-Displacement-Strategies-MLTDR.pdf

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