Lakes Region Water Quality Map

Lake Winnipesaukee Water Quality Map
Interactive map that allows the public to easily visualize and query information about local water quality.
Client:   Lakes Region Planning Commission

GreenInfo Network developed an interactive map that enables citizens and agencies to monitor the health of the Lake Winnipesaukee watershed.

The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) and the University of New Hampshire maintains data about ~100 past and present water quality monitoring stations around the Lake Winnipesaukee watershed.  Building upon an earlier project where we designed and built major web site to organize and present a watershed management plan for the Lakes Region Planning Commission, GreenInfo developed an interactive map application that enables citizens and agencies to easily view and query these stations and assess historical water quality information.  Users of the map are offered options to visualize recent or historic trends in constituent readings at the watershed and station level, and they can search for an address or location to find out about water quality nearby.  The map display and functionality are built using a MySql database and the Google Maps API.

Results: GreenInfo developed an interactive map interface for the public to visualize and query water quality data for the Lake Winnipesaukee watershed.

Focus:   Conservation, Environment, Public Health  

Services:  Interactive Solutions, Applications Development, Web Mapping 

Tags:   Google Maps, Lake Winnipesaukee, watershed  

“ I just finished my early AM presentation... and the monitoring map was a big hit!”

—  Pat Tarpey, Executive Director, Lake Winnipesaukee Watershed Association

Project Years: 2011-2012

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