Land Trust of Napa County Anniversary Map

40 Year LTNC Anniversary Map
The 2015 edition of the land trust's accomplishment map.
Client:   Land Trust of Napa County

40 years of preserving key areas of the world famous Napa County has given the Land Trust of Napa County an amazing track record of land conservation. Starting many years back, GreenInfo was asked to design and then annually update a showcase poster to present these accomplishments, based on its extensive prior work for the land trust.

For over 15 years GreenInfo has been working with the Land Trust of Napa County to celebrate their yearly accomplishments with a showcase map. This poster map has served as a thank you to donors as well as a nice way to display their current holdings and easements on their website and on display in their office.

In 2011, the Land Trust of Napa County celebrated their 35th Anniversary asked GreenInfo to design an anniversary map to incorporate their new logo and to fit the design of their new website.  The resulting map is a good example of the value of having such an educational map, helping land trusts educate the public as well as its donors.  At one point the land trust asked GreenInfo to prepare 25 individual maps for their major donors, each with a custom name block and room for the board president's signature (see example image, which uses the much older map design).

Since then, GreenInfo has updated the map annually, with the most recent map celebrating their 40th anniversary. 

Focus:   Conservation, Environment  

Services:  GIS Services, Communications, Graphic Design, Maps 

Tags:   Bay Area, California, design, Esri ArcGIS, land trust, Napa County  

Project Years: 2002-current

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