Land Trust Web Finder

Land Trust Finder Main Map
Users can find land trusts by name or by choosing a county and seeing all trusts in that county.
Client:   California Council of Land Trusts

California has over 100 land trusts, most of whom are members of the California Council of Land Trusts (CCLT), which was undertaking a web site re-design and asked GreenInfo to quickly develop a simple web map application.

Using the California Council of Land Trusts' membership roster, GreenInfo developed an approach that had CCLT provide the roster in a spreadsheet with county names for areas covered by each land trust.  Following the development of a basic wireframe design for user interaction, GreenInfo interactive staff created a web application that tied the map to the inter-relationships among the land trusts' area of operations. The application was quick to develop and can be used for any county-membership organizational tracking system.

Focus:   Conservation  

Services:  Interactive Solutions, Web Mapping 

Tags:   California, land trust  

“ Thank you so much! This looks wonderful, I am so happy with the end product. It’s user-friendly and just what we were looking for. ”

—  Shaina Brown, Project Manager, California Council of Land Trusts

Project Years: 2014

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