Map for Large Landscape Brochure

Map Developed for Brochure
A regional partnership wanted this map in their brochure.
Client:   Blue Ridge Berryessa Natural Area Conservation Partnership

The Blue Ridge Berryessa area north of San Francisco is a huge landscape including wilderness, farms and much more. To promote conservation of the area, a partnership asked GreenInfo to adapt its existing maps of the area for a brochure.

Using a GIS developed map from a larger project to highlight the Blue Ridge Berryessa area, GreenInfo staff adusted colors and labels to quickly insert into a basic printed brochure a clear representation of this outstanding region. 

Focus:   Conservation  

Services:  GIS Services, Communications, Publications, Maps, Cartography 

Tags:   Berryessa, Blue Ridge, California, Esri ArcGIS, San Francisco Bay Area  

Project Years: 2011

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