MapCollaborator SCAG Edition

MapCollaborator SCAG Edition
Add or edit conservation plans with MapCollaborator SCAG Edition
Client:   Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG)

MapCollaborator SCAG Edition is a robust, easy to use application that enables sharing and management of data about Southern California open space conservation plans.

MapCollaborator SCAG Edition is a customized extension of GreenInfo's MapCollaborator platform that supports the Southern California Association of Governments' goal to create a comprehensive open space database for the 5 county SCAG region.  Using open source mapping tools developed by GreenInfo, local stakeholders, agencies and other interested parties can add or edit data about their conservation plans, or explore and search the map to find out about others' plans in the region.  In addition to standard MapCollaborator functionality (draw/edit shapes, update attributes, add comments), this edition features the ability to build geometries by selecting groups of parcels that make up the outline of the conservation plan. 

As with all MapCollaborator editions, this application includes an intuitive admin interface for data administrators and project managers to easily review and manage data submissions and user comments.

Results: GreenInfo developed a robust, easy to use application to enable sharing and management of data about Southern California open space conservation plans.

Focus:   Conservation, Environment, Government Agencies  

Services:  Interactive Solutions, Applications Development, Web Mapping 

Tags:   CPAD, Regional plans, mapcollaborator, web mapping  

“ We’re really impressed with all the functionality that [GreenInfo] was able to add in the application as well as how quickly they put it all together. ”

—  Christine Fernandez, Senior Regional Planner, Sustainability

Project Years: 2013

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