Mapping Climate Change in the Bay Area

Evapotranspiration Map
A look at evapotranspiration from 1981-2010
Client:   Bay Area Open Space Council

Climate change is a critical challenge everywhere. In the San Francisco Bay Area, the Terrestrial Biodiversity Climate Change Collaborative (TBC3) is expanding the work on the region's Conservation Lands Network (CLN) to try and analyze the effects of climate change in the nation's fourth largest metropolitan area.

The Terrestrial Biodiversity Climate Change Collaborative, or TBC3, is a diverse team of scientists working to predict possible outcomes of climate change in the Bay Area - GreenInfo's long time partner, the Bay Area Open Space Council, is a key participant in TBC3 and engaged GreenInfo to support this effort.  Using detailed data on temperature ranges, soil modeling, water recharge and runoff, among other variables, they seek to define local impacts of global climate scenarios using innovative down-sampling techniques. 

GreenInfo Network has assisted TBC3 in running complex Marxan models, developing cartographic displays of the final results, disseminating data, and expanding the Conservation Lands Network Explorer web application, created by GreenInfo for the Bay Area Open Space Council.  This work has also involved supporting individual scientists with GIS tools.

Results: While we are only part way through the project, we are actively working to analyze and display all of the data sets produced as a part of the project. Ultimately, data sets, color schemes, maps, and an updated Explorer site will be developed.

Focus:   Conservation, Environment  

Services:  Interactive Solutions, GIS Services, Analysis, Data, Maps, Cartography, Web Mapping 

Tags:   biodiversity, CPAD, Esri ArcGIS, GAP, GIS data, graphic design  

Project Years: 2012-2013

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