Web Map for Open Space Preserves and Trails

MROSD Preserve Finder
A screenshot of the Preserve Finder
Client:   Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District (MROSD)

The MROSD Preserve Finder is an interactive online map of the San Francisco Bay Area that allows users to find and discover the regional park district's open space preserves and trails, and to get information and directions regarding those preserves. This application is no longer active for the district - the project link is just on GreenInfo's server, and its map is an older approach to park finding applications.

The Preserve Finder by Midpeninsula Open Space District (MROSD) is an interactive online map of the San Francisco Bay Area, enabling users to browser and explore open space preserves (OSPs) and trails, to get information about preserves and amenities, and and to get directions.

The first view, OPSs are highlighted, and at closer levels trails and amenities become visible. These trails and amenities can be clicked, giving information about them and offering directions via car, via bicycle, or on foot.

Of technical interest, is the back-end data source: a set of KML files as exported from Google Earth, being read by MapServer. By using KML files as the data source, MROSD staff can publish an updated set of trails and preserves quickly and easily.

Results: This application served MROSD from 2012-2014 and was superseded by a fixed-image map in 2015.

Focus:   Environment, Government Agencies, Recreation  

Services:  Interactive Solutions, Applications Development, Web Mapping 

Tags:   California, Google Maps API, MapServer, OpenLayers, open space, parks, San Francisco Bay Area, trails  

Project Years: 2012-2014

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