Mapping Nature and Culture International

Completed Nature & Culture Map
Our final map, with logo and title block
Client:   Nature and Culture International

Nature and Culture International is an NGO that works across multiple nations and multiple disciplines, collaborating closely with local communities to protect the most biodiverse areas of South America and Mexico. They have a vision to nearly triple the area they serve, and they needed a map to communicate that vision to stakeholders and donors.

The final map pairs just the right level topographic detail with the organization’s brand and identity to make a map that tells a story of current impact, with office locations and dark shading for current active areas, and future expansion, shown in lighter green.

This is an excellent example where the simplicity of the final product is deceptive. The data came to us in Spanish, so we needed to translate that, and the original map (visible on bottom left) lacked any kind of thematic detail, with large entirely flat polygons more appropriate for a basic data map, not a piece meant to convey vision and impact. We added waterways and terrain, iteratively styling both in consultation with the client to ensure we communicated the topographic and hydrological richness of the areas where Nature and Culture International does their work.

Focus:   Conservation  

Services:  GIS Services, Communications, Graphic Design, Maps, Cartography 

Tags:   biodiversity, Esri ArcGIS  

Project Years: 2016

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