OceanSpaces MPA Map

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Navigate to different regions along California's coast
Client:   MPA Monitoring Enterprise

In 2012, GreenInfo Network created an interactive map of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) along California's coast, to aid in tracking the implementation of a key program to safeguard marine fisheries and other ocean life.

Along with showing the extent of the network and boundaries of each of the MPAs, when a user mouses over a particular MPA, general information about the protected area opens in an infowindow.  At the bottom of each infowindow, there is a short description of the scientific studies conducted in each location, and links to learn more about these efforts.

GIS data of marine protected areas are displayed on a Google Map using the Maps JavaScript API v3.  Run through TileStache, our data can load on the map very quickly, and UTFGrid allows for rapid interaction with our data to display infowindows for each of the marine protected areas.

Focus:   Conservation, Environment  

Services:  Interactive Solutions, Web Mapping 

Tags:   California, Google Maps API, Marine, Marine Protected Areas, MPA  

Project Years: 2012

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