PowerPoint Presentation for Conservation Program

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This slide shows the styling used for a PowerPoint presentation about western landscape conservation.
Client:   Resources Legacy Fund

Developing and administering funds of tens of millions of dollars that support a wide range of conservation programs is critical to safeguarding America's environment. Resources Legacy Fund is a key player in this world and has engaged GreenInfo Network a numerous points to assist with supporting these programs, including the development of PowerPoint presentations.

The Resources Legacy Fund (RLF) is a highly effective philanthropic organization working to support conservation strategies in California and the U.S. West. GreenInfo has worked closely with RLF on many projects, providing GIS, mapping and communications support to them and their grantees. RLF asked GreenInfo to develop a new template for its PowerPoint slide presentations, to make them more consistent and visually effective. We prepared a fairly simple design that mirrored the RLF "no frills" style, bringing in colors and type that fit their brand. GreenInfo then prepared several presentation, slides from one of which are shown here. In preparing these PowerPoints, we worked closely on clarifying the content of RLF's messages and ensuring that maps, photos and other graphics supported those messages.

Results: The PowerPoint presentations developed for RLF have been used repeatedly for internal as well as external audiences, providing support to efforts that have raised millions for conservation grants.

Focus:   Conservation, Philanthropy  

Services:  Communications, Presentations 

Tags:   PowerPoint, RLF  

Project Years: 2009

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