Presentation for Department of the Interior on PAD-US

Doug Vandegraft, chair of the Federal Lands Working Group
Client:   USGS Gap Analysis Project (GAP)

The Protected Areas Database of the U.S. (PAD-US) has become a central organizing framework for federal land managing agencies. With the advent of the new version 2 of PAD-US, USGS was asked to do a major presentation to Department of the Interior and requested that GreenInfo help it develop the Powerpoint for this event. 

GreenInfo's long history with PAD-US and close relationship with the USGS team has led to a number of presentation projects, where GreenInfo uses its communication skills to better inform people about PAD-US.  In this case, USGS was invited to convene a 90 minute seminar briefing on PAD-US, attended by some people in person and many more watching virtually. 

The presentation itself consisted of 65 slides, designed to support a five person panel- four federal agency leads for Forest Service, Fish & Wildlife Service, National Park Service, and the Bureau of Ocean and Energy Management, plus the USGS PAD-US Coordinator.  The panelists represented the Federal Lands Working Group, the coordinating body developed by the USGS PAD-US team to better assemble and improve the data from 13 federal land managing agencies. 

The key to the presentation was to develop a clear structure for the content as well as visual cues to assist users to understanding that structure. Within the presentation, there were a number of special charts and graphics that GreenInfo prepared - these illustrations are essential to quick visual recognition by users of complex data relationships. 

The presentation was made July 9, 2018 and attended by approximately 250 people, both online and in person.  You can view the presentation and see the transcript here.  

Focus:   Conservation, Environment, Government Agencies, Recreation  

Services:  Communications, Presentations, Strategy 

Tags:   PAD-US  

Project Years: 2018

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