Preserve Research and Reservation Portal

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Client:   The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy in Florida's Center for Conservation Initiatives (CCI)  runs four preserves across the state, where researchers, educators, and others come to conduct research projects, facilitate workshops, or attend other science- and nature-related events. TNC staff managed all requests and reservations by hand, through a combination of paper forms and emails. We built a new web-based home for all those processes, the new CCI Preserve Portal.

We designed the portal to automate as much communication as possible, while also leaving control and discretion in the hands of TNC staff. Researchers and educators create accounts on the site and then complete applications for research or educational experiences. Portal users can also book conference rooms, lodging, and other preserve-specific resources. When users submit applications or booking requests, TNC staff are alerted by email, and they can use commenting systems and other tools to review and approve requests. The system also prompts research teams to provide liability waivers and photo release forms.

We built the portal using Wordpress, using WPEngine's managed Wordpress hosting. A select array of plugins support custom submission forms and facility bookings. We also provided help documentation and training in how to use the system.

Focus:   Conservation  

Services:  Interactive Solutions, Applications Development, Website Design 

Project Years: 2021

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