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USGS Gap Analysis Program Home Page
GreenInfo helped re-design the web site for the USGS program dealing with biodiversity information.
Client:   USGS Gap Analysis Program (GAP)

GreenInfo Network leveraged work on protected areas data to being able to assist a related government agency with a major revision of its old web site, better supporting its mission to provide national data on species, land cover, protected areas and other biological information. The project involved updating the graphic branding for the agency, designing a new web site and shifting it to an easy-to-maintain web platform.

The USGS Gap Analysis Program (GAP) develops biological, land use and protected areas data for use in conservation assessments and other research and policy efforts. After extensive work with GreenInfo Network on strategies for improving the national inventory of parks and protected areas, GAP asked GreenInfo to assist it with a makeover of the agency's web site. GreenInfo started by clarifying the GAP mission and program organization and then, working with our design partner, Ison Design, updated the GAP logos and other basic identity graphics.

At the same time, we started the development of a new web site, based on WordPress, an open source software system for easy to maintain web sites, based on blogging approaches. The new GAP website took several months to prepare in a development version, with the new look and feel, effective photos and narrative and the efficient WordPress system. Once the site was working, GreenInfo had to transfer it to the USGS web host, from where it was publicly launched in 2011.

Subsequently, GreenInfo recommended and implemented the development of data subsites for each of the main GAP data sets (species, land cover, protected areas, aquatic data). These were complemented with map viewers developed by GreenInfo partner Applied Geographics. The GAP web site demonstrates GreenInfo's commitment to not only great GIS products but also its focus on and capacity for extending those products into effective engagement with public communication and involvement.  

Results: GAP's web presence was transformed from a disorganized, unattractive and hard-to-maintain site into one that is easy for the organization to maintain, well structured to their needs and integrated with effective branding - all done for a very modest investment. It's a good example of how GreenInfo is able to leverage work on GIS data and analysis into support of the broader communications context for such operations.

Focus:   Conservation, Environment, Government Agencies  

Services:  Interactive Solutions, Communications, Strategy, Website Design 

Tags:   GAP, USGS, Wordpress  

Project Years: 2010-2011

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