A Web Site for the San Francisco Parks Alliance

San Francisco Parks Alliance Web Page
The SFPA website, featuring the Park Finder map.
Client:   San Francisco Parks Alliance

The San Francisco Parks Alliance grew out of the merger of two related organizations and one of its early challenges was to integrate the information in both websites into a new site, with better branding and functions. In the course of developing the site's parks and event finder, GreenInfo was asked to develop the overall design for the new site.

GreenInfo also built the site's web mapping system, described here.

The two merged organizations that became the new Parks Alliance both had complex web sites with large amounts of information, old and current. Staff at the Alliance defined what needed to be available in the new site and GreenInfo went to work developing a coherent navigation framework to handle all of the different elements of the site. 

We assessed users and what their needs were with the Alliance and we settled on three high-level groupings of information:  visiting, fundraising and the Alliance itself.  Close to 50 pages branch off of these groupings and many more are created out of a database of information about parks and events, as they are requested. GreenInfo then organized this page structure into wireframes to sort out information relationships and how the Alliance's database would be integrated into units of data on each page.

We worked with our longstanding partner, Ison Design, to develop a graphic look and feel for the site that would be distinctive and energetic. Home page alternatives were tested and that final design led us to the look and feel of the interior pages. 

The site was implemented through intensive work by the Alliance staff and an additional web consultant who actually built the site and the non-map database system.

Results: The site went live in the fall of 2012, with its Park Finder has been an integral part, receiving thousands of visitors monthly.

Focus:   Environment, Human Services, Recreation  

Services:  Interactive Solutions, Website Design 

Tags:   California, parks, San Francisco  

Project Years: 2011-2012

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