Mapping Green Organizations in Santa Clara County

Climate Organizations Directory Map
Client:   Santa Clara County

In 2019, Santa Clara County began developing a Climate Action Plan to lay out a roadmap to get to zero carbon emissions by 2030. One aspect of that plan was to develop a “relational network map” for the County’s prioritization of and engagement with local and regional sustainability climate defense activities. 

We developed a multifaceted online platform designed to facilitate collaboration and information sharing among various stakeholders involved in climate action and sustainability efforts in Santa Clara County.

Key features and functionalities: 

Support for Local and Regional Collaboration: The tool aids the County in developing effective mechanisms for collaboration and community engagement. This is crucial for fostering a united approach to sustainability and climate defense. 

Relational Network Mapping: It includes an interactive organizational map that visually represents the different organizations and entities involved in climate action in and around the county. This map helps in identifying key players. 

Comprehensive Information Repository: The tool acts as an information hub, identifying key local and regional organizations working on sustainability efforts related to climate defense. It details these organizations’ primary initiatives, strategies, and activities.

Interactive Online Map: A standout feature is an interactive online map that provides a comprehensive overview of the cities, organizations, institutions, and companies engaged in climate action within Santa Clara County. This interactive aspect makes it easier to visualize and understand the regional climate action landscape.

Stakeholder Connection and Engagement: It's designed to connect public agencies, non-profit organizations, community-based organizations, and other stakeholders. By sharing information about local climate action and adaptation efforts, it enhances collaborative opportunities.

Educational and Networking Utility: Users of the tool can: 
  • Learn about each city’s climate efforts and goals. 
  • Discover which organizations are working on climate initiatives and explore partnership or connection opportunities. 
  • Access a directory of organizations, categorized by location and sector. 
  • Share information about their own organization’s work, promoting transparency and community involvement.

Results: This tool is a significant step towards enhancing collaborative efforts in climate action, offering a centralized, interactive, and informative platform for all stakeholders involved. It's a valuable resource for promoting sustainability and addressing climate challenges in a coordinated and efficient manner.

Focus:   Environment, Government Agencies, Human Services, Public Health, Social Justice/Equity  

Services:  Interactive Solutions, Applications Development, Web Mapping, Website Design 

Project Years: 2019-2023

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