Sierra Watch - Donner Summit Campaign Mapping

Sierra Watch Donner Summit Campaign Map
This small poster/page size map is one of series used in the successful campaign to save Donner Summit in the Sierra Nevada.
Client:   Sierra Watch

Donner Summit is a famous landmark in American history, but the Donner Party's ill-fated traverse over the Sierra Nevada of California is more than matched by the incredible beauty of this high elevation region. When the area was threatened by a massive new development, Sierra Watch turned to GreenInfo for mapping support to guide its campaign.

Sierra Watch has been highly effective in shaping ill-considered proposals for Sierra development into wins for conservation - its Martis Valley Campaign stands as a signature accomplishment.  The Donner Summit campaign lasted two years and resulted in tremendous victory for those seeking to protect this huge swath of landscape. 

GreenInfo developed core campaign maps for Sierra Watch as well as particular maps of resources and proposals. These were used for internal planning and for external education. The maps' look and feel was kept consistent with a style GreenInfo had created in the Martis campaign - a style that emphasized simple clarity and impact over excessive detail.

Focus:   Conservation  

Services:  GIS Services, Maps 

Tags:   California, Donner Summit, Esri ArcGIS, Sierra Nevada, rural sprawl  

“ GreenInfo Network effectively established a vision for a threatened Sierra landscape. By mapping Conservation Priorities for the region, we were able to create a stark alternative to the proposed subdivisions -- an alternative that we’ve made a reality by securing permanent protection of the entire threatened property.”

—  Tom Mooers, Executive Director, Sierra Watch

Project Years: 2011-2012

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