Snapshot Report Cards for California Salmon

Example of Salmon Snapshot Report
These standard, two-page reports have been developed for over 20 salmon watersheds in California and can now be easily updated with new data.
Client:   The Nature Conservancy - California

Salmon are a key species for freshwater biodiversity in California, but until recently it was hard to tell how they were doing. The Nature Conservancy California office asked GreenInfo to help create an attractive standard "report card" template, to meet this need.

California is experiencing the steepest decline in salmon populations in the West, with seven of the 10 coastal California salmon and steelhead species federally threatened or endangered.  Because salmon ranges extend all the way through the Pacific Northwest and Alaska and because salmon are an important economic and cultural resource, better information is need to highlight their status.

The Nature Conservancy’s California Salmon Snapshots is a collaborative information-sharing effort, critical to the on-going recovery of the state's salmon species. For the first time ever, population data — from the California Department of Fish & Wildlife and others — are compiled to show the number of salmon in our coastal California watersheds. This is the most comprehensive salmon information in California, and these snapshots will help guide state-wide salmon recovery to the places where we can have the greatest impact.

GreenInfo was asked by TNC to help conceptualize and then design prototypes for these snapshots. Working with our design partner, Ison Design, and the TNC staff, we defined basic visual approaches that could capture viewer attention, but still provide rich detail. The result is a colorful and informative two page document, created for 50 watersheds.  The report is designed to be easily updatable and is mirrored in the TNC project  web site,


Focus:   Conservation  

Services:  Communications, Graphic Design 

Tags:   brochures, California, graphics, infographic, Salmon  

Project Years: 2012-2013

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