Trust for Public Land Park Access Evaluator

Access Evaluator Main Screen
An overview of the Access Evaluator and the easy four-step process for simulating improvement to your city's ParkScore.
Client:   The Trust for Public Land

In May 2012, the Trust for Public Land launched the ParkScore project website (also a GreenInfo project), rating and ranking 40 cities for their park service. Feedback to the website included questions from city planners as to how they could increase their ParkScore, and this tool is the result.

The TPL Park Access Evaluator is a component of the organization's ParkScore website, and enables city planners to simulate improvements to their park service and to review the impact on their city's ParkScore. This is done in four simple steps, outlined at the top of the web page - planners draw, select, or upload the areas for new parks and park access points, and get back the combined area and statistics for the area served by the new park areas, including the impact on the ParkScore. Finally, the proposed areas may be downloaded as shapefiles for further GIS analysis, and the report may be downloaded as an attractive PDF.

The Park Access Evaluator is available to registered users - visit the ParkScore website for more information.

Results: In spring 2014, the Park Access evaluator is considered beta, and TPL is receiving their first rounds of feedback from real city planners looking for potential improvement. The tool has been very well received so far.

Focus:   Environment, Public Health, Social Justice/Equity  

Services:  Interactive Solutions, Applications Development, Web Mapping 

Tags:   parks, ParkScore, TPL  

Project Years: 2013,2014

Documents: TPL_Park_Access_Evaluator-PDF_Report_2013_GA.pdf

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