Understanding Teacher Shortages in California

Map of Districts
Client:   Learning Policy Institute

Making sure our schools have enough teachers, across the full range of communities in California, is no simple task. Programs to attract and retain teachers take time and resources to implement, so it’s important to understand how likely a shortage is in any given school district or county. This map visualizes 15 factors and then helps you compare each factor at the district, county, and state level.

This application presents data on a range of indicators at the county and district level. School districts in California are not a simple set of shapes: Though boundaries are readily available from the U.S. Census, the state has Unified, Primary, and Secondary Districts that often overlap in complex ways, and some special districts are not even spatial.

We developed a simple county/district toggle and then managed overlapping districts with a popup that presents users with links to all possible districts where they clicked.

We also automated the creation of hundreds of per-county and per-district fact sheet PDFs, ensuring consistent presentation of metrics and making future updates much easier and more accurate.

Focus:   Social Justice/Equity  

Services:  Interactive Solutions, Applications Development, Web Mapping 

Project Years: 2019

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