Visualizing the Sale of Emission-Reducing Vehicles

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Client:   CALSTART

CALSTART promotes the use of clean-energy transportation. One such CALSTART initiative, is funding vouchers toward the purchase of such as electric and reduced-emission vehicles. In 2016 CALSTART contracted with GreenInfo Network to replace their existing system of searching and filtering the list of such vouchers, to provide a more intuitive interface as well as new functionality, such as exporting of the filtered results and visualization of the vouchers onto a map. Also needed, was a process by which their vouchers could be exported from their tracking system into the new search-and-map system.

The first step was a data-export process to give a CSV which could be imported into CARTO (formerly CartoDB). The existing dataset contains identifying information about the vehicle purchasers such as company names and addresses, and accurately geocoded coordinates which would be identifiable even if the address field were removed. Additionally, typographical variations were noted in some of the domain values such as the vehicle type, vehicular weight, and location name, and these would need to be automatically corrected. A Google Sheets solution was devised to do exactly this, with CALSTART personnel adding new records to one worksheet and the cleaned and anonymized version appearing in a second worksheet. This second worksheet is drag-and-drop ready to load into CARTO.

Having loaded the data into CARTO, a pure-front-end web page was created to draw the visualized data, then to provide a filtering interface. The visitor may select from several criteria such as vehicular weight, manufacturer, and intended vocation, and by whether it serves disadvantaged communities. A separate custom-crafted UI was designed to filter also by the vehicle type (Zero-Emissions Vehicle, Reduced Nitric Oxide, and so on) and to generate statistics based on the raw data. The end result is more than a map which updates to suit your filters, but also a statistical analysis of the records.

The filtered vouchers can then be downloaded in CSV format, for additional offline analysis. This uses CARTO services as well, without relying on a dedicated server, and allowing the page to be hosted on Github Pages free of charge.

Results: CALSTART was pleased by the improvement over their prior searching system, and finds the maps and charts to be quite useful for generating statistics and discovering trends. Over the next year, interest in the project grew and CALSTART received funding for additional considerations such as some interface refinements, some cartography adjustments, and Section 508 accessibility compliance.

Focus:   Environment, Public Health  

Services:  Interactive Solutions, GIS Services, Communications, Strategy, Analysis, Data, Cartography, Applications Development, Web Mapping 

Tags:   air quality, transit  

Project Years: 2016 - 2017

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