Web Site Design for Research on Vegetation Standards

Web Site for National Vegetation Data Standards Organization
GreenInfo developed this website for the U.S. National Vegetation Standards organization.
Client:   National Vegetation Classification - USGS Gap Analysis Program (GAP)

GreenInfo Network was asked to bring together content from several web sites into an integrated, attractive and easy-to-maintain new web site for the U.S. National Vegetation Classification. This work involved design, stakeholder engagement, and web site programming.

The U.S. National Vegetation Classification System Partnership oversees the continued development of the National Vegetation Classification Standard. The Partnership is also the Vegetation Subcommittee of the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC), and is a program supported by the USGS Gap Analysis Program (GAP). GreenInfo was asked by GAP and the NVC to design a new web site that integrated content from several disparate sites into a new, easy-to-maintain site. Starting with logo design, the project involved clarifying the NVC public identity (with our graphics partner Ison Design) and the language it used to describe itself. Using the WordPress platform, GreenInfo then structured and constructed the new web site, editing content into it. At the same time, our other partner in this effort, Applied Geographics, was developing the online database of the vegetation classification hierarchy.

Results: GreenInfo Network integrated several disparate web sites into a coherent and easy to maintain site, designed with an new look and feel for the National Vegetation Classification organization.

Focus:   Conservation, Government Agencies  

Services:  Interactive Solutions, Website Design 

Tags:   national, NVC, Vegetation  

Project Years: 2010-2011

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