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Lake  Winnipesaukee Web Site Home Page
GreenInfo developed this web site for the Lakes Region Planning Commission, highlighting the values of Lake Winnipesaukee and presenting management plans to protected its water quality.
Client:   Lakes Region Planning Commission

A government agency wanted to both showcase a pending water quality management plan and the general recreational resource of a major lake. GreenInfo with its partners developed an attractive web site that met both requirements.

Lake Winnipesaukee is a major recreational and water resource for New Hampshire and the Northeast. The Lakes Region Planning Commission (LRPC) solicited proposals for ways to present its water quality planning using the web rather than traditional print media. Applied Geographics partnered with GreenInfo Network to take on the project, with GreenInfo leading the web site design and associated mapping.

LRPC began the process with a two pronged goal - have the new website be a general resource for those recreating in the lake's watershed, and use it to present to the public a series of plans for water quality. GreenInfo began the process by researching related resources and developing appropriate content for visitors and others seeking general information about the lake. It then worked closely with LRPC to define the content of their watershed management plans and devise an approach for presenting that via a web site.

GreenInfo built a development site using the WordPress platform so that text and images could be loaded by all involved. It then worked with Ison Design to create an attractive graphic identity for the site, and also developed some basic interactive web maps. GreenInfo then developed much of the narrative as well as supporting maps and charts of the subwatershed plan being presented, and fine tuned the web site to showcase this information. The site went live to solid reviews, including an award from the New Hampshire chapter of the American Planning Association.

Results: The Lake Winnipesaukee Gateway web site has been widely used since its launch and received an award from the New Hampshire Chapter of the American Planning Association.

Focus:   Environment, Government Agencies  

Services:  Interactive Solutions, Web Mapping 

Tags:   Esri ArcGIS, Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire, water pollution, water quality, watershed, Wordpress  

“ I want to thank you and the GreenInfo team again for the great work you did on the Winnipesaukee Gateway. This has been one of the best projects I have had the pleasure to be associated with. ”

—  Kimon Koulet, Executive Director, Lakes Region Planning Commission

Project Years: 2010-2012

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