Website for Community Organizing in Lake Winnipesaukee (WE-CAN)

We-Can home page
Client:   Lake Winnipesaukee Association

Lake Winnipesaukee is a world famous resource, located in central New Hampshire and attracting visitors from all over the world while sustaining a vibrant local community. GreenInfo has worked with the two main Lake-related organizations before and was asked by the Lake Winnipesaukee Association (LWA) to help it develop a new, community-organizing focused web site. 

The Winnipesaukee Environmental & Community Action Network (WE-CAN) website was implemented in WordPress, allowing the Lake Winnipesaukee Association staff to easily log in and update items on the site. The site design was created by GreenInfo Network based on initial direction from the client, and was implemented as a WordPress theme by HTMLBurger, a firm which specializes in WordPress theming. Graphic design templates were developed by our longterm partner, Ison Design, and elaborated by Greeninfo staff. 

Beyond the WordPress functionality, LWA also wanted the ability to manage a separate list of organizations and projects relevant to the environmental health of Lake Winnipesaukee. This led to the creation of the custom Organizations and Projects pages. These listings feature search functionality, and the listings connect to additional pages showing detailed information. For the site admin, additional pages are provided for editing project and organization details, as well as linking organizations and projects to each other.

Focus:   Conservation, Environment  

Services:  Interactive Solutions, Website Design 

Project Years: 2017

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