Conservation Lands Network 2.0

Area Report
Client:   TOGETHER Bay Area

Working closely with TOGETHER Bay Area (formerly the Bay Area Open Space Council), we worked to completely update and relaunch the Conservation Lands Network and associated web tools. This foundational dataset has been a key guide for regional conservation funding and habitat protection for more than a decade. The update included a complete rerunning of the underlying analysis and an extensive reimagining of the online Explorer tool and the Conservation Portfolio report.

The most important feature of the Conservation Lands Network is that it sets clear and measurable goals for habitat protection and resilience. The new version continues and expands that effort, bringing in a regional and county-level dashboard with progress clearly shown. And then the Explorer Tool, originally launched in 2009, now provides even easier public access to both the core prioritized Conservation Lands Network and a wide range of reference layers covering habitat, biodiversity, and climate change. 

This project covered the full range of GreenInfo's capabilities, from GIS analysis to use of MARXAN for network optimization to design research to understand user needs to visual design and web development to create the final interface and reporting tools. The new report format includes custom charts, maps, and tables, and breaks down complex information into a series of thematic presentations  of metrics including prioritized stream data, wildfire and flood risk, water resources, and climate data.

In 2020, we added data on stream headwaters, the wildland urban interface, and fog.

Focus:   Conservation  

Services:  Interactive Solutions, GIS Services, Analysis, Data, Cartography, Applications Development, Web Mapping, Website Design 

Tags:   Esri ArcGIS  

Project Years: 2016-2020

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