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At GreenInfo, our team of skilled designers and developers excel at using the best available web technologies to deliver beautiful, reliable, and easy-to-use applications for our clients.

Our interactive practice rests on a few key principles:

Web applications must first and foremost meet user needs. We focus on users early and often. On larger projects, that means user interviews and research, to understand current workflows and how a new application can assist and meet needs to help our clients achieve goals such as effective communications, policy change, or better decision making. Even the smallest web application plays alongside major consumer products in people’s lives, so we’re constantly pushing the envelope on performance and usability to make sure GreenInfo-built projects keep up with the pace of innovation on the web.

At the same time, our applications must balance the latest technology with long-term sustainability. We take a balanced approach to innovation in web technologies. New tools and approaches emerge almost daily -- some last, and many disappear in short order. Our practice relies on long-standing open source tools such as the enterprise-scale spatial database PostgreSQL/PostGIS and the Python-based server-side framework Django. We also frequently use Wordpress for content-focused websites that are easy to maintain, and we develop front-end only JavaScript visualizations for a wide range of applications. We build applications on Esri’s ArcGIS Online platform and associated JavaScript resources (ArcGIS API for JavaScript) and Google’s APIs for Maps, StreetView, and other services.

The users of our applications include not only end users but also client program staff who often must update and maintain the applications over time. We dig deep into your processes to make sure we understand how often content will be updated, by whom, and with what level of technical skill. Such considerations are crucial to ensuring that your investment will last.

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