Interactive Solutions : Applications Development

We specialize in creating web applications that are map-centric, but we also develop other information web applications, including:

- Web maps, from simple to complex - learn more about our web mapping applications »
- Online databases, supported with forms and simple or custom reporting capacities
- Web tools for running standard or custom calculations (e.g., calculating pollution runoff )
- Visualization of survey results using charts and other graphics

You may also need design and branding of a full website for context, or management interfaces for administering the data, document and photo libraries related to the locations, and take-away reporting in the form of spreadsheets and attractive PDFs.  Learn more about GreenInfo's website design work »

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GreenInfo Network creates, analyzes, visualizes and communicates information in the public interest. We specialize in mapping and related technology for nonprofits and public agencies, focusing on using it for conservation, social equity, public health, environment and foundation grant making.
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